For guidance on maintaining continuity of research and sponsored program activities during the COVID-19 crisis, please see ORSP’s Keep Discovering page.

Submitting Funding Proposals

The ORSP accepts Sponsored Project Proposals electronically through our Transmittal Sheet System (TSS) or via paper using the UM Transmittal Sheet for Sponsored Projects (updated July 19, 2016). These forms accomplish the following:

  • informs all affected parties of the proposed project;
  • documents their knowledge of and support for the proposed project;
  • documents any needed and committed cost-sharing for the proposed project;
  • documents other institutional reviews/approvals that may be necessary because of the specific nature of the project;
  • documents whether the Principal Investigator or any member of the proposed research team does or does not have a significant financial interest in the proposed project.

Either the online or paper transmittal should be completed for all projects for which external funds are sought or received by the University, excluding gifts. The Principal Investigator or Project Director is responsible for completing the form and obtaining signatures of the department chair, dean, regulatory committees as applicable, and other unit signatures or initials as required.

Financial Conflict of Interest Assurance

The UM Financial Conflict of Interest Assurance (third page of Transmittal Sheet) must be completed by all persons who have design, conduct, or reporting responsibilities for the proposed project, including students. Print as many copies of the third page as needed for all personnel affected by this policy. Before completing the form, all affected personnel should review the University of Mississippi Objectivity in Research Policy.

PHS (and AHA, ACS, and some additional private sponsors) applications require an additional form:  Significant Financial Interest Disclosure Form.

The completed and signed Transmittal Sheet with Assurance forms should be forwarded along with the project proposal and budget to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for internal review and approval, allowing at least five working days for this to be accomplished. ORSP reviews proposals for complete information, budget accuracy, and compliance with University policies, sponsor guidelines, and federal regulations. Upon approval of the proposal and budget, ORSP obtains the signature of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs — the University’s authorizing official for grants and contracts — to complete the Transmittal Sheet and proposal documents. The Principal Investigator will be notified when review and approval is complete and the proposal can be submitted to the sponsor.


  • To expedite the review process, Principal Investigators may circulate a draft proposal with the Transmittal Sheet and budget; however, one complete copy of the final proposal (as sent to the sponsor) must be provided to ORSP at the time of submission. In addition, ORSP highly recommends advance submission of draft budgets for staff review in order to prevent last-minute revisions and delays.
  • For more information on the transmittal sheet and instructions for completion, see Guide to the UM Transmittal Sheet for Sponsored Projects.
  • For a generalized outline of roles and responsibilities, see Proposal and Award Processing Path.


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