• Phytochemist Receives Distinguished Research and Creative Achievement Award

    UM photo by Robert Jordan.

    Mahmoud ElSohly, research professor in UM’s National Center for Natural Products Research and professor of pharmaceutics, as well as president of ElSohly Laboratories Inc. and Phytochemical Services Inc, was named the sixth recipient of UM’s Distinguished Research and Creative Achievement Award.

  • UM-Led Research Team Awarded $20 Million to Study Long-Term Effects of Gulf Oil Spill

    A scientific consortium led by the University of Mississippi has been awarded $20 million over three years to study lingering environmental effects of the massive 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The funding is part of $112.5 million awarded to eight research teams by the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative, or GRI, a group formed to help understand and mitigate the impacts of hydrocarbon pollution and stressors of the marine environment, with an emphasis on conditions found in the Gulf of Mexico.


  • UM Physics Researchers Contribute to Higgs Boson Discovery

    Installation of the world's largest silicon tracking detector in the CMS experiment.  (Photo Courtesy of CERN.)

    Faculty and postdoctoral researchers in the UM Department of Physics played major roles in the research and discovery of the Higgs boson, the subatomic particle thought to be responsible for all mass in the universe. The discovery was announced July 4 by scientists at CERN, a multinational research center headquartered in Geneva.

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