Finding Funding Opportunities

Serveral institutional resources are available to support faculty seeking funding opportuniities for their research, educational, or other scholarly projects.

ORSP invests between $20K and $25K a year to maintain an annual subscription to PIVOT, a large, searchable, and user-customizable database of funding opportunities in the arts, commerce and industry, education, humanities, health, and sciences. Faculty can set up their profiles to search for funding opportunities that match their interests. These profiles can be saved and easily, manually re-run as often as the faculty member likes, or they can be set up to run automatically every week and to e-mail the new "hits" to the faculty member. Either way, PIVOT is an efficient and accurate method to find funding prospects. It does require an hour or two to set up your profile the first time, and ORSP is happy to train and assist faculty in setting up their profiles.

UM faculty and students can click on this link to get started searching for funding opportunities. More info about the UM PIVOT subscription is availablle here: . ORSP offers serveral PIVOT workshops each semester, and can also provide these workshops "on-demand" for your department or unit. To view the upcoming training schedule and sign up for a PIVOT workshop, click To request a workshop on-demand, or request assistance getting started with or using these tools more effectvely, please e-mail, or contact Jason Hale (jghale @

Research Insight is another tool ORSP subscribes to for finding funding opportunities and potential collaborators.

ORSP Research Development has curated several dozen funding opportunities, which may be accessed here:

The College of Liberal Arts has secured permission to link to an Ohio State University curated spreadsheet of many funding opportunities. To browse this excellent resource, see, and click on "External Funding Sources Hosted by OSU".

Most funding agencies have websites and listserves through which you can learn about their specific funding opportunities. These pages/lists are easy to find with Web searches. Following are just a few:

For Limited Submissions opportuniites, ORSP's Limited Submissions Protocol applies. See