Sponsored Programs Administration

Why do you work with the ORSP on grants and contracts?

  • The regulations governing sponsored activities are varied and complex.
  • The ORSP helps you be successful in these activities while complying with rules and regulations.
  • Only the ORSP has the authority to commit the University to a sponsored activity.
  • This policy benefits and protects you and the University.

Our work begins with YOUR IDEA — the ORSP:

  • Helps you identify possible sponsors
  • Helps you develop and polish your proposal
  • Helps you submit your proposal on time and properly
  • Provides internal funding for small projects and travel
  • Keeps you informed and provides resources

When your proposal is funded, the ORSP:

  • Handles the legal aspects (grant agreements, contracts, subcontracts, modifications, extensions, etc.)
  • Authorizes the Accounting Office to set up your grant account
  • Helps you with fiscal aspects of your award
  • Works with you on grant management issues
  • Helps you submit required reports on time