Research Disclosure Form

Discoveries by faculty, staff and student personnel are the property of The University of Mississippi and should be reported promptly to the ORSP Division of Technology Management (DTM) according to the UM Patent and Invention Policy. For more information, see the Quick Guide to the Research Disclosure Process.

Request to Draft a Confidential Disclosure Agreement

A Confidential Disclosure Agreement or CDA (also known as a Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA) is a legal contract which protects the confidential information generated at UM and/or that of our outside collaborators. For more information, see Confidential Disclosure Agreements.

Request to Draft a Material Transfer Agreement

A Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is a legal contract which designates the terms to be followed for the transfer of experimental materials (biological, mechanical, electronic, etc.) coming into or going out of the University. For more information, see Material Transfer Agreements.

Request to Draft a Memoranda of Understanding

An Memoranda of Understanding, or MOU, typically defines how intellectual property will be shared and the roles and responsibilities of the involved parties. If you are planning to enter into a collaborative relationship with an outside party, it is important to discuss the possibility of an MOU with our office. For more information, see Memoranda of Understanding and Inter-Institutional Agreements.