UM-Sponsored Online Survey Software

The Provost and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs jointly purchased a site license for Qualtrics online survey software to foster research, instruction, and service.

All UM personnel – faculty, staff, and students – have access to Qualtrics to:

  • Distribute unlimited surveys
  • Collect unlimited responses
  • Receive webinar training, email & phone support for creating, distributing, and analyzing survey data

Instructions & FAQs

How do I get access?

  1. Go to the Qualtrics Registration Page and click "Don't have an account."
  2. Enter a valid (or email address. Leave the Access Code field blank, and click “Sign Me Up."
  3. You will quickly receive an email for confirming your account and final activation
  4. After activation, log in at to start creating a survey

What if I already have a free account?

A free Qualtrics account is limited and cannot be moved over into the UM Qualtrics domain.  We suggest doing one of the following:
  1. Delete your free Qualtrics account.  This will free up your or email address so that you can then create an account within the domain. You can export your existing surveys before deleting the free account. You will then be able to import the surveys into your UM account once it has been created.
  1. Contact Qualtrics tech support and request that they change the email address on your free account to something other than your or address.  This will free up your olemiss address so that you can create an account within the UM domain.
Once you’ve done one or the other of the above steps, then go to and click the “Don’t have an account?” link. Enter your email and set a password.  An access code is not needed.

What if I already paid for a Qualtrics account?

Contact your Qualtrics representative and request a prorated rebate.

How do I get training?

Our Qualtrics license comes with unlimited training and support, so you are welcome to take advantage of this. Qualtrics will train small and large groups or classes and can do basic, advanced or custom training. Training is done webinar-style and usually lasts about one hour. For more information on training or to set up a training session for your group or class, please go to

Instructors & Researchers

  • Instructors can set up ~1 hour interactive webinars to teach students about survey creation in Qualtrics
  • Researchers who routinely use surveys can save surveys to “libraries,” and the ORSP administrator can set up laboratory research group access to allow members to pull items or combine previous surveys into new surveys

Are there any costs?

There is no cost to the individual UM employee or student to use Qualtrics. The campus license fee is paid annually by ORSP out of the institution's share of F&A (overhead) generated by external grants and contracts.

What if I have questions?

Your first step is to take full advantage of the online tutorials, webinars, and documents available on Qualtrics University. Once you’ve exhausted that training, you can email questions to Qualtrics. Getting help by phone should be your last resort.

Can Qualtrics translate my existing Survey Monkey Survey?

No. Legal considerations prevent this.

Why Qualtrics?

We researched software vendors and found Qualtrics provides:

  • extremely sophisticated and powerful survey tools
  • complex branching logic
  • ability to incorporate audio & video in surveys
  • detailed data reporting
  • comprehensive training via online video, text tutorials, and webinars
  • unlimited support, including email and telephone help

Regulatory Requirement for Human Subjects Research with Surveys: UM Institutional Review Board (IRB)

All human research conducted at, by, or under the auspices of this institution, whether funded or not and whether conducted by the administrators, faculty, staff, or students, must be reviewed and approved before the research begins – including subject recruitment.

Main IRB Page

Much survey research involves quality assessment / quality improvement. See this policy to determine if your QA/QI survey does not need to go through the IRB: IRB Review of QA/QI Research.

Many class projects use surveys and fall under the IRB waiver policy: IRB Waiver for Class Projects.

When would I contact UM’s Qualtrics administrator?

  • When your account is disabled, because the graduation date you entered at sign-up has passed
  • When you are a survey researcher who wants to provide access to existing surveys to some or all of your research team members

UM Qualtrics Brand Administrators

  • Penny Rice, Faculty Technology Development Center; ; (662) 915-7918
  • Amelia Robbins, Faculty Technology Development Center; ; (662) 915-7918

UM Office of Research Point of Contact: