For guidance on maintaining continuity of research and sponsored program activities during the COVID-19 crisis, please see ORSP’s Keep Discovering page.

Faculty Travel Support


Due to current restrictions on university-affiliated travel, travel grant applications for FY2020 are not being accepted at this time.
If you have submitted, and been approved for, an ORSP Travel grant in FY2020 for a domestic or international trip that has not yet occurred, you may either:
1) Postpone the trip for up to 12 months. If the travel can be postponed, please let ORSP know and we will put a “hold” on your award until such time as the trip can be rescheduled and completed. In this case, ORSP will honor its travel grant commitment for up to 12 months after the first day of the originally planned trip date. If the actual visit falls within the next fiscal year (FY2021), you will still be eligible to apply for an additional travel grant in 2021; that is, the postponed 2020 trip will not count against your 2021 trip limit of one per fiscal year.
2) Cancel the trip. If the travel cannot be completed as scheduled, nor postponed and completed within 12 months, then let us know and we will cancel the award for that trip. In this case, we will mark our records to reflect the amount of the original award promised. The next time you request an ORSP travel grant (for a different destination or purpose), we will give special consideration to your request.
Travel Reimbursement requests for completed trips should be submitted as usual.
Notifications and questions regarding ORSP Faculty Travel Grants should be submitted to Sarah Krueger and Jason Hale at

NOTES for FY20: 

  • In FY19, ORSP made 110 Faculty Travel Grants totaling ~$57,000 (out of 129 applications received requesting a total of ~$115,000)
  • For FY20, we have budgeted ~$60,000. To make sure the funds last the entire year, the review committee will, as a rule, not spend grant more than $5,000 in awards in any one month.
  • Exceptions to the One Trip/Year Policy will be considered for travel to funding agencies (or events conducted by funding agencies) or to collaborate with colleagues at UMMC.
  • Those seeking funds for instructional-related travel are encouraged to apply for funding from the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)


ORSP Faculty Travel Grants provide funds to offset the costs of faculty travel activities that will enhance research, scholarship, or creative achievement efforts. 


Priority consideration is given to applications submitted by assistant professors, then associate professors, then others (as funds are available). We especially encoruage applications that have the potential to lead to grants, collaborations, or other scholarly achievements. Departmental and school approval of travel applications are now optional and submitted online. When provided, they may be considered favorably in the review process, especially when accompanied by either matching funds, strong statements of endorsement, or both. Failure to obtain departmental or school/college approvals or endorsements will NOT disqualify an application from receiving an award. However, per UM Travel Policy, appropriate administrative approvals are required on all Travel Authorizations and Travel Reimbursement Vouchers. 


  • Applicants must not have yet received an ORSP Travel Grant for the current fiscal year. Exceptions to this One Trip Policy will be considered for faculty proposing trips to visit funding agencies or to attend events sponsored by funding agencies (e.g., grantwriting workshops), or who are travelling to collaborate with UMMC faculty.


Per Award ~
Maximum for domestic travel: $700 (unless otherwise noted)
Maximum for international travel: $1,200

Award Cycle: Once per month throughout the year. 

Eligible Expenses: Grants cover eligible expenses, up to award amount, incurred in accordance with UM travel policies. Funds transfer as direct travel reimbursements after completion of trip and submission of UM travel reimbursement form.


Applications for domestic and international travel will be accepted at any time, from one year before travel until the appropriate deadline.  All complete applications received by the 15th of each month will be reviewed as a batch by the 25th. Example: For travel beginning anytime in August, the application is due no later than July 15 at 5:00 p.m.  If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, applications are due the next working day. NOTE: Requests received AFTER the trip has already occurred will generally not be considered.

Travel Applications are now completely online, and must be completed via Ole Miss InfoReady Review Portal at no later than 5:00 p.m on the 15th. 

Be sure to allow enough time for processing a UM travel authorization if you receive support. For international travel, your completed and signed authorization should reach the Travel Office a week before your trip--sooner if  a travel advance is requested. Do NOT include the travel authorization with your application to the ORSP.


  • Login to the Ole Miss InfoReady Review Portal at First time InfoReady users will need to request an account.
  • Select the ORSP Faculty Travel Grants FY 2018 competition.
  • Click on the gray Apply button to start your application.
  • Enter the required information, to include: applicant information, travel destination and dates, amount of ORSP request, amounts of other matching funds provided by department/school (optional), detailed purpose of trip, detailed budget, and the e-mail addresses of Chair and Dean (or those they have authorized to provide the optional endorsement/approval of your request).
  • Save the application at any time to come back and finsh it later.
  • Click "Submit" to submit the application by the 15th.


Your Department/Dean contacts will receive e-mails inviting them to endorse/approve your application. These endorsements/approvals are optional, but if completed, provide a mechanism for these Administrators to affirm any financial commitments that you may have asked them to contribute toward your trip, and/or to provide a statement of endsorsement of the value of the proposed trip to your scholarly career. Such endorsements may be taken into consideration by the committee evaluating and making funding recommendations on your request.

Applications will be reviewed by the University Research Board Travel Committee. Generally, applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision via email by the 25th of each month. After notification of award, UM Travel Authorization must be completed by award recipients and processed through normal UM travel procedures. Note that the ORSP will need to approve your authorization and enter an account number for its share of the total funding. To inquire about the status of a pending request for which notification has not been received by the 25th, e-mail


Awardees are bound by all UM travel policies that pertain to their mode of travel and destination. See for details. Supporting documentation that the funds were spent in accordance with the original application intent is required for reimbursement and subject to ORSP audit.