3.1 - Award Receipt

When a funding agency decides to fund a project, a notification of award is sent to the university. The University of Mississippi is the legal recipient of all awards. If a notification of award is sent directly to the PI/PD, the PI/PD should keep a copy and forward the original award and all attachments or enclosures immediately to the ORSP. PIs/PDs are not authorized to sign sponsored program awards. The Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs is the official signatory for sponsored program awards to The University of Mississippi.

SPA needs three things to process an award: an original award notice, a budget for the awarded amount, and a completed UM Transmittal Sheet for Sponsored Projects (Exhibit A) with all required signatures and approvals. When SPA receives notification that an award has been made, a copy of the award and a Notice of Award Memo (Exhibit B) are sent to the PI/PD.