Collaboration Pop-Up, 11/23/2015 

UM researchers with authorized WebIds can sign up with one-click at

Non-UM (Oxford) researchers can sign up at (UMMC faculty use this link).

UM rearchers can use as well, to provide additional details about topics of interest. 

UM ORSP will host a pop-up research collabortory at the Jackson Avenue Center in Oxford on Monday, November 23, 2015, 10am - 3pm. Researchers from the University of Mississippi and beyond are invited to attend in person or online, or to participate in a related Twitter conversation. The goal is to bring people together to find collaborators within research themes that might lead to projects and grant proposals. Although participants are welcome to share ideas and look for collaborators on any topic, conversations on the following topics will be explicitly facilitated: 

#brain -- Understanding the Brain 
#food -- Food Security 
#disparities -- Health and other disparities Issues
#BigData -- Big data and data analytics 
#water -- Water resource protection and management 
#geospatial -- Geospatial - data to decisions 
#disasters -- Disaster preparedness and resilience
#coastal -- Coastal protection and restoration
#solar #bioenergy -- Solar and bio-energy 
#materials -- Advanced materials
#marine -- Marine aquaculture 
#energy -- Energy efficiency/smart grid design 
#carbon -- Carbon management, sequestration, and capture 
#oilandgas -- Oil and gas exploration and refining technologies 

Lunch will be provided.

To see who has signed up so far and what topics they are interested in, click here.
To have your interests listed here, complete the 5 minute survey at


Note:  This is an open forum.  All discussions should be general in nature to prevent public disclosure of potentially patentable subject matter.


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