Vivarium Space Use Application

Read the Vivarium Space Assignment Guidelines before completing and submitting this form.

All reasonable efforts will be made to meet the space needs of investigators without jeopardizing accreditation standards or the health and well-being of animals. Users who have compatible species and compatible protocols may be required to share rooms.

Space Allocation Decision-Making Procedures

  1. Space requests are made by completing the UMV Space Use Application Form.

  2. If there is available space, the Attending Veterinarian will make space assignments. New PIs or PIs with expanded space needs should also try to capitalize on the strong collegiality among PIs conducting research in the UMV and work out sharing space.

  3. If appropriate and adequate space is not available, the UMV Space Use Application will be forwarded to the UM Vivarium Advisory Committee (UMVAC; composed of representatives from departments and units with vertebrate animal PIs) for recommendations. These recommendations will be forwarded to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs who will make the final decision.
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