DOs and DON'Ts

DOs [Requirements]

  1. Submit an Animal Study Protocol Application form for all research and teaching using living vertebrates.
  2. Answer all questions, clearly describe procedures and experimental design, complete applicable appendices, contact the Attending Veterinarian, submit signed application ASAP, and plan for processing times.
  3. Submit the appropriate form (Preserved Animal Form) to the IACUC Coordinator if you use dead vertebrate animals for teaching or research.
  4. Submit protocols regardless of funding source and location of research.
  5. Submit protocols in the name of the faculty member.
  6. Complete species specific, safety and animal care training for PI/students/technical staff as part of the protocol submission process.
  7. Submit Occupational Health Evaluation and OHSP Risk Inventory forms for review and preventive health recommendations.
  8. Submit ANY protocol changes to the IACUC.  Minor changes may only require documentation and approval while significant changes may require IACUC review.
  9. Submit annual progress reports.
  10. Submit a new application after three years have elapsed.
  11. Post whistle-blower information in your laboratory in the event that students, technicians, or other personnel have concerns regarding animal welfare.
  12. Post emergency contact information for research study.
  13. Post emergency procedures flyer in your laboratory in case of an unexpected occurrence that may threaten the safety of your laboratory animals.
  14. Post SOP for animal care in your laboratory.
  15. Post protocol approval letter.
  16. Remember to check the website for the most current forms.


  1. Don’t begin research before receiving an e-mailed approval letter.
  2. Don’t conduct surgery until mandatory training is completed in performance of surgical techniques in the procedure(s) and species indicated and observed by the Attending Veterinarian to receive a surgery proficiency certification.
  3. Don't order animals before the protocol is approved.
  4. Don't use jargon in your application.

Please contact the IACUC Research Compliance Specialist (RCS), Attending Veterinarian, or IACUC Chair with any questions —

Dr. Mary Jourdan, 213 Barr Hall
Miranda Core,  212 Barr Hall
Mandy King
Attending Veterinarian
Dr. Harry Fyke, Animal Facility
Director of Research Integrity and Compliance
Mandy King, MS, CIP, CPIA, 215 Barr Hall; 
In Case of Emergency: 
Dr. Harry Fyke ~ (work) 915-5324, (clinic) 234-2928