Selection of Designated Reviewers


To ensure clear involvement by the IACUC Chair in the selection of Designated Reviewers (DRs) for research animal study protocols and significant amendments.


There are only two valid methods of IACUC review allowed by the PHS Policy: (1) full-committee review by a convened quorum of the members of the IACUC, or (2) designated review by one or more members, employed only after all voting members have been provided an opportunity to call for full-committee review (FCR).

If any member requests an FCR, then that method must be used. If not, the IACUC Chair may appoint one or more appropriately qualified IACUC members to serve as a DR.

Policy and Procedures

  1. Any IACUC member may serve as a DR provided they do not have a conflict of interest.
  2. DRs are selected on a rotation and expertise basis by the IACUC Chair, and must always include the Attending Veterinarian.
  3. IACUC staff notifies DRs of their selection.
  4. Once selected, the DRs follow the procedures for reviewing projects and significant amendments using the designated review process.