3.4 - Acceptance

After a thorough review of the award by the PI/PD and SPA, and after SPA has attempted to negotiate out any unacceptable language, the award can be accepted. By accepting an award, the university is legally bound to the budget, the scope of work, the project period, and all terms and conditions pertaining to the award.

The PI/PD indicates his/her acceptance of the award by signing the Notice of Award Memo (Exhibit B) and returning it to SPA. The PI/PD’s signature on the Notice of Award Memo indicates acceptance of the stated responsibilities:

  • I have reviewed the terms and conditions of the award and agree to comply with the applicable sponsor and university requirements;
  • I accept responsibility for the technical aspects of the project, including timely submission of technical reports;
  • I agree to submit activity reports and cost sharing details as required;
  • I will notify SPA to initiate any required subcontracts (or subcontract modifications);
  • I will notify the Accounting Office to initiate invoicing (when invoicing is based upon completion of tasks);
  • I accept responsibility for the fiscal management of the award which includes:
    • Reviewing monthly budget statements and/or appropriate SAP Budget Control System Reports to determine that all charges and credits are appropriate; and
    • Spending funds within the approved project period, in accordance with the approved budget, and in accordance with OMB Circulars A-21 and A-110, and any relevant agency guidelines.

SPA’s role in accepting an award is to obtain the signature of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs if a signature is required to execute the award.