NSF Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability (SEES) Fellows

SEES Fellows will partner across disciplines on sustainability challenges reflecting the fellows’ own research interests. The fellows will pursue discoveries that inform environmental, energy, and societal sustainability, while developing the professional skills to become part of a workforce that can address these challenges.

Key Dates: Nov 28, Dec 5

Nov. 28, 2011              Notify vcrsp@olemiss.edu of intention to apply (courtesy)
Dec. 5, 2011                Proposal due to NSF
~June 5, 2012             NSF target date for notification of funding decision
~June 30, 2012           Applicant must accept or decline within 30 days of award notice

Funding: $88K/year (~$68K salary + benefits) for 3 years, + $20K/year research expenses

Cost Sharing: Prohibited

Limitations: UM/ORSP may submit multiple proposals, each for a distinct fellow.

Eligibility: Fellows must be US citizens, nationals, or permanent residents by 12/5/11, who will have earned doctorate no later than summer 2012 and no earlier than 12/5/07.

Special Conditions: Awards will be made to UM on behalf of the Fellow. If Fellow chooses to affiliate with another organization during the grant, UM must allow award to transfer with the fellow.

Additional Information:

NSF Review Criteria:

  • Intellectual Merit
  • Broader Impacts
  • SEES:
    • Interdisciplinary Integration
    • Advance the Foundations of Sustainability
    • Advance Development of Workforce for Sustainability
  • Research Host and Research Partner:
    • Expand applicant’s expertise beyond core discipline
    • Broaden research impact/scope
    • Quality of international collaboration (if proposed)
  • Professional Development
  • Integration of Education and Research
  • Integrating Diversity
Area of Interest: