The following guidance provides information for researchers at UM who are currently conducting or planning to conduct activities involving human participants.

LAST UPDATED:  August 5, 2021 (this page is subject to frequent updates, check back often)


Additional requirements to conduct in-person research allowed:

  1. Written, COVID-19 specific plans describing safety procedures (symptom screening, close contact time, social distancing, masks, hand-washing, disinfection, reporting of positive COVID-19 tests) – see Appendix G
    • Current CDC and MSDH guidelines related to COVID-19 vaccination status:
      • Researchers and/or participants are vaccinated - face coverings ARE required indoors, social distancing is not required
      • Researchers and/or participants are not vaccinated, or vaccination status is unknown - face coverings ARE required indoors, social distancing is highly recommended indoors
  2. Written contingency plan for rapid ramp-down of research in the event of return to Safer at Home or Shelter in Place parameters – see Appendix G
  3. Use of COVID-19 release form for adults and/or minors
  4. For studies involving multiple visits that lack flexibility in scheduling to accommodate interruptions due to COVID-19, an Informed Consent document with clear language disclosing the potential for and consequences of study interruptions.
  5. Assurance of unit-level approval (may require additional documentation) to conduct protocol-specific activities – see Appendix G


Question regarding this guidance?  Email for assistance.