2024 Distinguished Research and Creative Achievement Award

Nominate Faculty for the Distinguished Research and Creative Achievement Award

March 29, 2024 Deadline

The Distinguished Research and Creative Achievement Award is designed to recognize a faculty member on the Oxford campus who has achieved national and/or international recognition in his or her field. Nominees should have distinguished careers and should either be currently engaged in or have been engaged in scholarly and/or creative activity in the current fiscal year (starting July 1). Nominees should also demonstrate evidence of encouraging the scholarly and/or creative works of others. In addition, nominees should have participated in leadership roles in scientific and professional societies.

Nomination packages:  To nominate a faculty member, email a letter to arrive by March 29, 20224 to the Chancellor’s Office, University, MS 38677, or chancellor@olemiss.edu. The letter should describe the nominee’s accomplishments and explain the significance and creativity of the nominee’s work in his or her field. A current copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae should be included. Nominations should be accompanied by at least two letters of support from external collaborators, as well as from two past students of the nominee. Additional supporting letters are also encouraged. 

If a nomination package was submitted previously (within the last three years) and you would like to re-nominate that person, the entire application package does not have to be resubmitted. Send an updated CV and any additional information to add to what is already on file, and please state that your nomination is a resubmission. All nomination packages will be retained for three years. It should be noted that previous nominees will not be considered for this year unless they are re-nominated!

Nominees must be (or must have been in the last fiscal year) an associate or full professor (including research associate professors or research professors who are not tenure-track faculty) and must have been continuously employed full-time by the university for a minimum of five years.


Past Award Winners:

2008 – Dr. Sam Wang

2009 – Dr. Larry Walker

2010 – Dr. Charles Reagan Wilson

2011 – Dr. Dale Flesher

2012 – Dr. Atef Elsherbeni

2013 – Dr. Mahmoud ElSohly

2014 – Dr. Robert Van Ness

2015 – Dr. Charles Hussey

2016 – Dr. Ikhlas Khan   

2017 – Dr. Alice Clark

2018 – Dr. Marc Slattery

2019 – Dr. Ronald Rychlak

2020 – Dr. Michael Repka

2021 – Dr. Gregory Tschumper

2022 – Dr. Kristine Willett

2023 – Professor Aimee C. Nezhukumatathil, MFA