Section 7 - Subcontract Close-Out Procedure

An integral component of subcontract monitoring is close-out of the subcontract at the end of the project period. This is the point at which final determination is made by the Principal Investigator that the subcontractor has fulfilled all of its responsibilities under the subcontract.

Initial responsibility for close-out of subcontract resides with the PI. The PI should review the subcontract to determine that all deliverables have been submitted. The primary sources for this information are the Statement of Work (always stipulated in the subcontract) and the submitted reports. All subcontracts require the subcontractor to label its final invoices as “FINAL” and to submit the final invoice within a reasonable period of the project end date. This allows for timely closeout of the subcontract and is especially important as many subcontracts are scheduled to end on the same day as the prime award. However, the final invoice should not be paid until the subcontractor has met all subcontract requirements.

When the PI determines that the subcontractor has met all subcontract requirements (i.e., all reports have been received), submit the Subcontract Close-Out Certification form to the ORSP Sponosred Programs Accountant. This provides assurance from the PI that all subcontracted work has been satisfactorily completed, and provides a checklist to help ensure that all close-out actions have been completed.