Section 1 - Purpose and Definition


The purpose of the University of Mississippi Subaward Processes and Procedures handbook is to provide guidance to UM faculty and staff in being compliant with university and awarding agency requirements for the preparation and management of UM-issued subawards under externally-funded programs.

Definition of a Subaward

A subaward issued by UM refers to an agreement between UM and any other organization in which a Principal Investigator (PI) at the other organization will assist UM in accomplishing an externally-funded project by performing substantive work on the project. Substantive work is effort in which the collaborator engages directly in the performance of the specific aims of the project. UM and the subrecipient mutually agree on how the substantive work will be performed and how it will be measured. The subaward will have a PI and will generally have potentially patentable or copyrightable technology and/or publications resulting from the project. A subaward does not include agreements for the procurement or purchase of routine goods or services.