Mississippi Science And Technology Plan

Pursuant to Executive Order No. 1296 signed by Gov. Phil Bryant 30 July 2012, the Mississippi Research Consortium has developed the Mississippi Science and Technology Plan. This plan will improve quality of life, create opportunities for economic development, and advance education by building a stronger foundation for research, innovation, and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education in the state. The Mississippi Science and Technology Plan will build on Mississippi’s competitive advantages, leverage resources, create jobs, and diversify the economy. Intended to provide a shared framework for discussions about how to move Mississippi forward, the plan focuses on infrastructure, workforce, and economic development. This plan works from the fundamental tenet that foundational, enabling, and translational research by higher education institutions must play a critical role in moving Mississippi forward economically and socially. The plan also establishes priorities from which the state can leverage its existing resources into strategic investments that improve quality-of-life for all Mississippians. 

This plan positions Mississippi and its research universities and industries to compete nationally and internationally through science and technology development, particularly in core priority areas such as energy, computational sciences, health, agriculture and natural resources, our Gulf Coast resources, and advanced manufacturing. It lays the foundation for development of new industries and enhances the competitiveness of existing industries in the state.

The Mississippi Science & Technology Plan.

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