4.6 - Subcontracts

A Request To Issue Subcontract Under an Externally Funded Program Form (Exhibit I), also posted on the ORSP Toolbox Forms and Information page) is used to request that a subcontract be issued. This request, along with a statement of work and budget, should be submitted to SPA.

Upon receipt of this request, SPA assists the PI/PD in the development of the subcontract in compliance with the guidelines of the sponsoring agency and ensures that the subcontractor has supplied appropriate financial information. For any subcontractor not named as a partner in a joint submission to the sponsor and considered a component of the approved project at the time of the award, the PI/PD and SPA must document the basis for the “sole sourcing.”

The PI/PD is responsible for monitoring subrecipient performance and assuring that all deliverables required under the subcontract are being provided. Further information can be obtained from the Subaward Policies and Procedures Handbook.