Section 9: Property Records

Property Control maintains the official records for all federal government property coded as capital equipment. The information contained in the departmental government property files includes:

  • department
  • acquisition method (government furnished “GF,” contractor acquired “CA,” or contractor fabricated “CF”)
  • UM government property identification number
  • description
  • manufacturer
  • model number
  • serial number
  • condition code
  • unit cost
  • total cost
  • date received
  • location (building/room)
  • department contact
  • contract/grant number
  • university account number
  • funding agency
  • date last inventoried

The PI/Departmental Administrator is responsible for maintaining lists of government property (capital and non-capital) for each of his/her projects, including property at offsite locations and property in the custody of subcontractors. The PI/Departmental Administrator is also responsible for working with the UFPA to self-audit government property at least once a year and for updating property records accordingly.

While reviewing/approving equipment requisitions, the UFPA ensures that all required supporting documentation exists prior to purchase of the item. The UFPA maintains a complete and current inventory list of each item of federal government property, extracting preliminary information on incoming government property during the purchase requisition review/approval and following up with the PI/Departmental Administrator to complete the information upon receipt of the property.