IRB Review Process Flowcharts

Protocol Initial Submission and Screening Process

Screening Checklist:

  • Most current application form on website included?
  • Approved & signed by Chair and Advisor, if applicable?
  • Dissertation or Thesis proposal accepted by committee?
  • Project description included (not full dissertation or thesis proposal)?
  • Abstract of project included?
  • Consent Forms, Survey Instruments, and Other Instruments (or waiver request with justification) included?
  • Assent Form (or script) included, if subjects under 18?
  • Scripts for instructions and the announcements included?

Administrative/Expedited Review

Full Board Review

General Information on IRB Review Process:

By federal regulation, IRBs have three levels of review, which are defined by levels of risk to subjects and others, and whether federally defined vulnerable populations (e.g. children, prisoners) are involved. The three levels are Administrative (Exempt), Expedited, and Full Board Review. The entire IRB convenes during scheduled, monthly meetings for Full Board Reviews. In Administrative and Expedited Reviews, we very often determine actions in consultation with others who are experts with populations (children, prisoners, pregnant mothers) or with issues (e.g. third party participants, confidentiality, Internet research). Consultants include: specialists in the University and Oxford community, our counterparts at other universities, and the Office for Human Research Protections in Washington, D.C.