Submission Instructions

IRB forms should be submitted through the submission portal. Please submit materials at least 3 weeks prior to the anticipated start of research.  

Please note that even research conducted by students is subject to review.

Researchers using survey panels should allow for extra time (up to two weeks) to receive your panel and be able to launch your survey.

IRB Protocol Application

Which of the two forms should I use?

Does your research involve:

  • Surveys, interviews, educational/psychological testing, observation of public behavior?
  • Research on educational practices (includes children)?
  • Use of existing data?
  • Evaluation of public service programs?
  • Benign Behavioral Interventions 

→ If so, download the NEW Screening / Abbreviated IRB Application form

Use the brief screening checklist at the top of the form to determine if your research could meet criteria for its use, and complete the form. [IRB makes the final eligibility determination, which means your study may require the full application form.]

→ Otherwise, complete the full form: Application to Conduct Research with Human Subjects

→ If your research involves a consent form, download the NEW Consent Form Template and the example of a Completed Consent Form.


IRB Reference Materials