2.5 - Members of the IRB

The membership of the University of Mississippi IRB is as follows:

  • Dr. Mark V. Van Boening - Chair, IRB; Associate Professor of Economics
  • Dr. Amy Wells Dolan - Alternate Chair IRB; Assocaite Dean and Associate Professor of Higher Education
  • Dr. Thomas Fowlkes - Physician/Prisoner Advocate
  • Mr. Kevin Frye - Attorney (non-scientist, community representative)
  • Dr. John Young- Professor of Psychology
  • Dr, John Bentley- Professor of Pharmacy Administration; Research Professor in the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences at The University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy; Director of the Center for Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management
  • Dr. Matthew Jessee- Assistant Professor of Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management
  • Ms. Miranda Core - Research Compliance Specialist II; Division of Research Integrity and Compliance, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Ms. Mandy King - Director, Research Integrity and Compliance