The following guidance provides information for researchers at UM who are currently conducting or planning to conduct activities involving human participants.

LAST UPDATED:  March 15, 2022 (this page is subject to frequent updates, check back often)

Effective March 2, face coverings are required only on transportation networks and in healthcare settings such as University Health Services and University Counseling Center, regardless of vaccination status. Face coverings are optional in all other indoor spaces, including classrooms, laboratories, studios, residence halls, libraries, dining facilities, the Student Union, Campus Recreation facilities, retail spaces, offices, conference rooms or extacurricular activities held in indoor on-campus spaces.

Given the current University protocols, the following guidelines remain in place for activities involving human participants:

  • Recruitment materials and informed consent documents must disclose face covering requirements:‚Äč
    • Dislcose that masks are required for activities taking place in transportation and healthcare settings disclose that masks are required
    • Disclose that masks are either required or ot allowed (as justified by the research design) for activities in all other settings where masks are not optional 
  • Changes to active, approved protocols, including removing COVID restrictions described in an Appendix G, must be submitted to the IRB office for review.

 Question regarding this guidance?  Email for assistance.