Instructions for Completing Mandatory Online Education


All researchers, staff, and students can access the CITI Human Subjects Research Educational Program. This online educational program is sponsored by the Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) and the University of Miami.

The CITI program, developed by national IRB experts, covers several aspects of bioethics and human subject research in a module format. Each module has educational material that can be read on screen or printed, and a brief online test. The basic cluster of CITI modules takes about 3-6 hours to complete. You can do each module separately — you do not have to complete the entire program in one sitting.

To complete the CITI course you must first register at

Your UM username and password will not work to login into this system. When you register, you are asked to create a username and password (see #3 below.)

  1. At the CITI Login and Registration Page, click Register for the CITI Course.
  2. At the Select your Institution or Organization page, scroll down to the category All Others and select University of Mississippi–Oxford, then click the Submit button.
  3. At the Select Your Username and Password page, enter the requested information according to the instructions and click the Submit button.
  4. At the CITI Registration Page, complete the form as instructed and when finished, click the Submit Information button. 
    Note: If you are UM faculty/staff, please enter your employee number in the Employee Number space; if you are a UM student, enter your student ID number. If you are neither of these (e.g., an IRB community member), leave this space blank.
  5. At the Select Group page, Step One gives you basic instructions; Step Two asks you to select a group appropriate to your research activities. You should choose one of these:

Group 1 IRB Members (only if you are a member of the IRB)

SBR Group 2A Social/Behavioral Faculty/Staff 
SBR Group 3A Social/Behavioral Graduate Students 
SBR Group 4A Social/Behavioral Undergraduate Students

Biomedical Group 2B Biomedical Faculty/Staff 
Biomedical Group 3B Biomedical Graduate Students 
Biomedical Group 4B Biomedical Undergraduate Students

Note: Most of the research done on our campus is considered social/behavioral research, including much of the research done in Psychology, Sociology, the School of Education, and the Business School. Examples of research which would be considered biomedical are some of the exercise studies in HESRM, and some studies in the School of Pharmacy. If you are unsure which CITI group to select, contact the IRB at  

  1. After you have completed the modules for one of the above groups, the IRB will get an email and you will get a certificate of completion.
  2. After completing one of the core courses above, IF you are conducting research with children, with prisoners, or in another country, you should THEN complete the appropriate supplementary modules. DO NOT complete the supplementary modules before you finish the core course for your group.

Supplementary Modules for SBR Investigators Conducting Research with Children 
Supplementary Modules for SBR Investigators Conducting Research with Prisoners 
Supplementary Module for SBR Investigators Conducting International Research 
Supplementary Modules for Biomedical Investigators Conducting Research with Children 
Supplementary Modules for Biomedical Investigators Conducting Research with Prisoners
Supplementary Module for Biomedical Investigators Conducting International Research