New Personnel


New animal research personnel (and new Principal Investigators) who will be working with live vertebrate animals must complete the following steps:


1. If new personnel are being added to a previously approved protocol start at step 2. If new personnel are being added to a new protocol start at step 3.

2. The Principal Investigator must submit a New Personnel Amendment form to

3. Complete IACUC required CITI training (click here for instructions):

  • Working with the IACUC, and
  • Species specific or Wildlife, as relevant to the work you will do, and
  • Laboratory Chemical Safety, and
  • Animal Biosafety

         If applicable, complete:

  • Aseptic Surgery, for anyone performing surgical techniques
  • Minimizing Pain and Distress, for anyone performing procedures with the potential for more than momentary pain and distress

4. Complete other applicable Safety training (biological, bloodborne pathogens, carcinogen, radiation, etc. as needed);

5. Read Asthma and Allergy materials;

6. Complete the Risk Inventory form and submit through the New Personnel Portal.

7. The Attending Veterinarian, Dr. Fyke, will email you after you submit your form to schedule a meeting with you to review, print, and sign your Risk Inventory. This must be complete before being seen at Health Services (step 9).  

8. Complete Part I and Part II of the Occupational Health Evaluation form.

9. Contact University Health Services for an appointment to be seen by a UM healthcare provider. Be sure to take a prinout of BOTH the Occupational Health Evaluation AND your Risk Assesment, that was SIGNED by Dr. Fyke in step 7, to your appointment.

          Students: Call 662-915-7274

          Employees: Call 662-915-6550


10. After the healthcare provider signs Part III of the Occupational Health Evaluation form, email ONLY that page to the IACUC office at (this can also be placed in the IACUC mailbox on first floor of Barr Hall.) 

11. The IACUC office will notify you when you have met all the requirements. 

12. Obtain surgery proficiency certification (if applicable).


*Non-UM students/staff/faculty please contact IACUC.

For more information, please email

IACUC Approval MUST be received BEFORE new personnel may work in any animal area.