Per Diem Payment Procedures

Every month PIs receive:

  1. One invoice per protocol. (Exception: If animals on the same IACUC protocol are housed in different rooms, PIs receive one invoice per protocol per room.)
  2. A GL account document broken down by investigator and by protocol.

Please review both the invoice and GL document for accuracy, note any errors or changes, make corrections, and return to the Vivarium Office before 9:00 am on the 15th day of the month; GL documents are submitted to Accounting at noon that day. If Vivarium Office staff do not hear from PIs by that time, they will assume charges are accurate and will process the paperwork.

The account charged is the account provided when ordering animals. PIs who wish to pay per diems from a different account should provide both account numbers at the time of order.

For assistance, contact:

Penni Bolton
Supervisor, Animal Resources
Phone: 5324