Reviewing New Protocols or Significant Amendments

Project Description

  • Is the project description, rationale and expected outcomes section brief, in layman’s terms and no more than one page?
  • Has the PI clearly explained all abbreviations, technical language or jargon that would make it difficult for non-scientists to understand?


  • Does the PI provide adequate justification for the use of animals and the proposed species?
  • Are the database searches current and sufficiently rigorous?

Animal Numbers

  • Are the animal numbers justified?
  • Does the PI provide adequate information explaining how many animals will be used for each experiment?


  • Are the procedures clearly explained?
  • If the animals are subjected to multiple use experiments, is this explained?
  • If the procedures are painful to the animals, is the pain category appropriate to the level of discomfort?
  • Will the appropriate sedatives, analgesics or anesthetics be used?
  • How are the animals being monitored, and is a schedule provided?

Experience and Training

  • Is the PI experienced in procedures included in the experiments?
  • Are others on the protocol experienced in the procedures?
  • If so, what are their credentials?
  • If not, who will train them?
  • If the study includes surgical procedures, are personnel who must complete mandatory training identified?

Animal Housing

  • If there are any special needs for the animals, have they been addressed?
  • Are special skills for individuals attending to the animals addressed?

Method of Euthanasia

  • Is the method of euthanasia appropriate?
  • Is the proper disposal of animals and/or animal parts described?

Animal Care

  • Does the PI describe the type of drugs administered to the animals and procedures to follow for animals that become ill (i.e. treatment or euthanization)?
  • Who will determine if an animal is ill, and how will it be treated?