USDA Distance Learning & Telemedicine Grant Program 2020

On April 3, the USDA announced that there will be a 2nd application window, from April 14 through July 13, for its 2020 Distance Learning & Telemedicine Grant program.  Additional information on how to apply will be available on on April 14.

This is primarily a program for acquiring equipment to enable distance learning or telemedicine services to rural and economically challenged communities; employee salary support is not an eligible cost. Grants will range from $50,000 to $1,000,000 for project lasting up to three years.

Meanwhile, prospective applicants may wish to view the information posted for the 1st Window. Note however, the 1st window closes April 10, which means that if you have not already developed a proposal and starting routing an ORSP transmittal, you are too late for this window—so you should set your sights on the 2nd window. However, the instructions posted for the first window (aside from the dates) are likely to be applicable to the 2nd window

UM individuals who are considering developing proposals to this opportunity are strongly encouraged to first watch the DLT 2020 Webinar to see if your idea is appropriate for this opportunity. You are also welcome to contact Jason Hale in ORSP Research Development if you would like to discuss your proposal idea and its suitability for this program. Additionally, Katie Morrison in University Development might provide perspectives on the potential for private foundations/donors to assist with meeting the 15% cost share requirement for your proposal. Regardless of any communications with Jason or Katie, anyone planning to submit a proposal should notify the appropriate ORSP Pre-Award Research Administrator for their unit, along with any local unit research administrative personnel (if appropriate), as early as possible.

Note that, up to 15 days before the closing date (that is, up until June 28 for window 2), you may also contact one of the Mississippi Field Representatives to ask questions or request technical assistance.

There is no limit to the number of proposals UM may submit to this opportunity, either as a lead, sub, or consortium member.