4.8 - Reports

Reports to the University

  • Personnel Activity Report
    The PI/PD is responsible for certifying (confirming the truth or accuracy of) effort that is directly charged as well as effort that is cost shared by the PI/PD, staff, or students working on sponsored projects. Certification is accomplished by the PI/PD’s review and signature on the Personnel Activity Report (for salaried employees) or the Time Sheet (for hourly employees).

Reports to the Sponsor

For all sponsored programs, PIs/PDs must notify SPA when a technical/programmatic or other report is sent to the sponsor. This may be accomplished by sending the ORSP a copy of the report on CD and a copy of the cover letter or email addressed to the sponsor representative.

The following types of reports are frequently required by sponsors:

  • Technical/Programmatic Reports
    The PI/PD is responsible for meeting the sponsor’s schedule for technical or programmatic reports in a timely fashion. The frequency and type of reports vary by sponsor and program. Some programs require only a final program report, while others require quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reports. The reporting requirements are stated or referenced in the grant/contract award document.
  • Fiscal/Financial Reports
    Fiscal/financial reports are completed by the Accounting Office on the schedule and in the format requested by the sponsor. Accounting sends the PI/PD a copy of the fiscal/financial report as submitted to the sponsor. The PI/PD should review the report for accuracy as soon as possible and notify Accounting of any inaccuracies.
  • Equipment Purchase Reports
    The PI/PD is responsible for maintaining an inventory list of equipment purchased under a sponsored project award. The UM Grant/Contract Equipment Inventory Form (posted on the ORSP Award Management - Equipment) may be used, or the PI/PD may choose to use another method.
  • Patent/Invention Reports
    Some sponsors require reports (usually on an annual basis and along with the final report) of patents filed or inventions arising from the sponsored program. PIs/PDs should work with the ORSP to file these reports, if required. The ORSP will forward copies of Patent/Invention Reports to the ORSP Division of Technology Management for institutional authorization.

Note: Sponsors may withhold payments to the university because of late or delinquent reports.