4.14 - Program Termination and Program Closeout

Program termination procedures vary by sponsor. The PI/PD should review award documentation for termination procedures and work with the Accounting Office and SPA to effect the termination of the award in compliance with sponsor regulations.

SPA sends PIs/PDs an Expiring Project Reminder (Exhibit K) by email approximately 60 days prior to the end of the performance period to remind them of the impending termination of the award.

The program close-out process varies with each sponsor but generally involves submission of final technical and financial reports and possibly other reports — most commonly patent, invention, and equipment reports — as specified by the sponsor. The PI/PD should contact SPA if in doubt regarding reports that are due and should make sure that all technical reports and any other deliverables required by the sponsor are completed and submitted in a timely manner. The ORSP assists in the completion of property and patent reports and submits them to the sponsor on behalf of the institution. The Accounting Office will close the sponsored program after all the requirements have been met and final payment has been received.