2.3 - Post-Award Responsibilities

Responsibilities associated with the post-award conduct of sponsored programs are outlined in the following sections.

Principal Investigator/Project Director (PI/PD)

Upon award, assumes responsibility for:

  • implementation and management of program consistent with all university and sponsor policies;
  • proper technical, programmatic, procurement, and fiscal management;
  • appropriate maintenance of records;
  • high quality of program performance;
  • preparation of all technical or programmatic reports;
  • reporting of all inventions that may result;
  • reporting of equipment location for inventory purposes, as appropriate.

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs – Sponsored Programs Administration

The ORSP Division of Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) performs a variety of post-award sponsored program activities. SPA responsibilities include the following:

  • maintains official university files for sponsored projects and provides periodic reports to university and state officials;
  • accepts awards and signs contracts on behalf of university;
  • transmits award materials to Accounting Office for account set-up;
  • assumes responsibility for oversight of administration of programmatic aspects of grants and contracts;
  • serves as liaison between university and external sponsor on contract, grant, and indirect cost negotiations.

Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs

The Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs is the principal officer for research and sponsored programs at The University of Mississippi. The Vice Chancellor’s responsibilities in post-award administration include the following:

  • authorizes institutional acceptance of award terms and conditions;
  • oversees conduct of programs supported by grants and contracts;
  • serves as primary institutional representative with external sponsors;
  • has overall responsibility for:
    • coordination of university compliance with certain federal regulations pertaining to grants and contracts, such as those regarding animal care and use and research involving human subjects; and
    • technology commercialization, business development, and intellectual property activities.

Accounting Office

The Accounting Office is responsible for all fiscal administration of grants and contracts, including the following:

  • serves as contact point with sponsors on fiscal matters;
  • establishes and interprets institutional financial policies;
  • ensures consistent application of federal policies for fiscal management and procurement;
  • assists PI/PD in fiscal post-award administration;
  • prepares indirect cost proposals and negotiates rates with federal government;
  • Assumes responsibility for:
    • establishment of accounts;
    • submission of fiscal reports to sponsors; and
    • close-out of accounts.