2.1 - Sponsored Programs Definition

Sponsored programs are projects supported by non-university (external) funds that are awarded as a result of an application submitted to a potential sponsor by the university on behalf of a faculty or staff member. Sponsored programs usually involve research, training, or service activities and typically include one or more of the following:

  • formal sponsor application guidelines;
  • restrictions on the use of funds;
  • a specific and limited program period;
  • specified performance or outcomes;
  • specified use of program outcomes or data;
  • required fiscal and/or programmatic reports. 

Excluded from this definition are:

  • direct payments to individuals, such as faculty fellowships and sabbatical support;
  • student financial aid;
  • gifts and bequests to the university;
  • donations of equipment or property.

For all sponsored programs involving university employees or facilities, The University of Mississippi is the official awardee. The faculty and staff members who will oversee or undertake the work are the investigators or directors of these sponsored programs.