9.1 - Technology Management and Commercialization

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) Division of Technology Management (DTM) works hand-in-hand with various research centers and academic departments to stimulate the development of alliances with corporate partners based on the technology strengths of the university. The DTM supports the research endeavors of the university by assisting research centers, departments, and individual researchers in developing collaborations with industrial partners. In addition, the DTM works to ensure that inventions conceived and developed in university laboratories that have commercial potential are protected and commercialized for the benefit of the inventors, the university, the State of Mississippi, and society.

The Director of Technology Management, along with support staff, coordinates patent protection and business development activities and negotiates confidentiality, material transfer, licensing, and other collaborative agreements with outside entities. The Director of Technology Management also works with inventors who are interested in establishing a company to commercialize the technology. The DTM assists faculty and other personnel in assessing commercial potential of research findings and promptly notifies them of the need to protect patentable inventions from public disclosure. The DTM works with other ORSP staff to ensure appropriate intellectual property language is included in sponsored research agreements. Additionally, the DTM is actively involved in assisting faculty members who wish to start a company based on a university-owned technology through the Mississippi University Research Authority (MURA) program.

The Director of Technology Management works directly with the Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs and the University Research Board in developing university policy related to intellectual property. The university maintains a liberal licensing income sharing policy with inventors which is summarized in the UM Patent and Inventions Policy.