7.9 - Reports


Reports to the University

For federally sponsored programs, the university is required by federal regulations to obtain after-the-fact certification from employees concerning time devoted to federally sponsored programs. All personnel engaged in federally sponsored program activities must report the percentage of time devoted to the program, whether salary is charged directly to the program or is used to satisfy a cost-sharing requirement. Activity reports are generated quarterly by the SAP HR system for salary employees paid from federal projects. Salary employees budgeted as cost sharing and not paid from federal projects must submit a Personnel Activity Report for Cost Sharing (PDF form posted on the Accounting Office’s Contracts and Grants pages). Documentation of time worked by hourly personnel is obtained from departmental time records.

Note: PIs/PDs must also maintain copies of all reports for the period specified by the sponsor and UM policy. For more information on retention of records, see Section 7.17 on records retention.

Reports to the Sponsor

For all sponsored programs, PIs/PDs must notify the ORSP when a technical/programmatic or other report is sent to the sponsor. This may be accomplished by sending the ORSP a copy of the report or a copy of the cover letter addressed to the sponsor representative.

The following types of reports are frequently required by sponsors:

  • Technical/Programmatic Reports
    The PI/PD is responsible for meeting the sponsor’s schedule for technical or programmatic reports in a timely fashion. The frequency and type of reports vary by sponsor and program. Some programs require only a final program report, while others require quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reports. The reporting requirements are stated or referenced in the grant/contract award document.
  • Fiscal/Financial Reports
    Fiscal/financial reports are completed by the Accounting Office on the schedule and in the format requested by the sponsor.
  • Equipment Purchase Reports
    The PI/PD is responsible for maintaining an inventory list of equipment purchased under a sponsored project award. The UM Grant/Contract Equipment Inventory form (posted on the ORSP Award Management - Equipment page) may be used, or the PI/PD may choose to use another method. Regardless of method used, the following information must be included (at a minimum) in the equipment inventory:
  1. Department
  2. Acquisition (government furnished = GF; or contractor acquired = CP)
  3. UM Government Property Identification Number
  4. Description
  5. Manufacturer’s name, model number, and serial number
  6. Condition code (see Section 16 of UM Federal Property Manual, posted on theORSP Award Management - Equipment page)
  7. Unit and total cost
  8. Date
  9. Location (building and room number; or if subcontractor, who and where)
  10. Property custodian
  11. Contract/grant number
  12. University account number from which item was purchased
  13. Agency

It is the practice of The University of Mississippi to accept a subcontractor’s inventory control system as appropriate for monitoring and tracking government owned or purchased property. However, the UM PI/PD is also responsible for reporting that equipment to the agency on an annual basis. It is recommended that the PI/PD obtain the proper information for each subcontract and enter it into the equipment inventory spreadsheet as well.

  • Patent/Invention Reports
    Some sponsors require reports (usually on an annual basis and along with the final report) of patents filed or inventions arising from the sponsored program. PIs/PDs should work with the ORSP to file these reports, if required. The ORSP will forward copies of Patent/Invention Reports to the Division of Technology Management for institutional authorization.

Note: Sponsors may withhold payments to the university because of late or delinquent reports.