7.6 - Personnel Issues and Procedures


The hiring of personnel to be associated with a sponsored program is strictly guided by university policies and procedures, as well as any sponsor regulations. The PI/PD will be required to address issues such as the following:

  • determination of status — e.g., consultant/independent contractor, or employee (to determine appropriate status, refer to the reverse side of E-Form 13UM Request for Payment/Purchase Order for Personal Services of a Consultant/Independent Contractor, or to the Checklist to Determine Status as Employee, Consultant, or Independent Contractor);
  • determination of position classification, which establishes salary range;
  • compensation guidelines;
  • personnel policies;
  • Affirmative Action policies and procedures.

For information on personnel issues, consult the UM Human Resources Policies (Department of Human Resources); and the Equal Employment and Affirmative Action Policy and Guidelines for Recruitment and Appointment of Faculty and Exempt Staff (Office of Equal Opportunity and Regulatory Compliance).