2.5.5 - Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs


The Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs is the principal officer for research and sponsored programs at The University of Mississippi. The Vice Chancellor’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Stimulates environment conducive to research and scholarship
  • Represents The University of Mississippi on external research councils, including the Mississippi Research Consortium, the Mississippi Educational Research Group, and others
  • Engages faculty in multi-disciplinary and statewide consortium activities
  • Provides leadership for faculty development activities and activities to secure external funding
  • Manages system for pre-award and post-award operations for sponsored programs, including official university files for proposals and awards
  • Initiates grant applications to external sponsors submitted by ORSP, and serves as project director for statewide and university sponsored programs, as appropriate
  • Provides institutional authorization and approval of all proposals submitted to external agencies
  • Authorizes institutional acceptance of award terms and conditions
  • Oversees conduct of programs supported by grants and contracts
  • Serves as primary institutional representative with external sponsors
  • Has overall responsibility for
    • coordination of university compliance with certain federal regulations pertaining to grants and contracts, such as those regarding animal care and use and research involving human subjects
    • technology commercialization, business development, and intellectual property activities