Chapter 1 - Introduction

The University of Mississippi encourages faculty to engage in scholarship and research activities in order to maintain vitality in their profession and to provide for the best and most up-to-date instruction and graduate student education. The university promotes the acquisition of external support for these endeavors, whether for research, public service, or instructional activities. 

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) strives to be a service-oriented office prepared to assist faculty and staff in the steps necessary to secure and administer external funding. The ORSP coordinates proposal development and submission and post-award activities for individual, interdisciplinary, and multi-institutional sponsored programs; oversees a number of regulatory and compliance issues related to sponsored program activity; and promotes an aggressive technology management and commercialization effort.  The intent of this Manual for Research and Sponsored Programs is to provide a brief reference in areas of services and support offered by the ORSP and present the policies and procedures that guide the research community. Sections provide overviews on informational services, internal funding opportunities, multi-institutional coordination, proposal development and submission, post-award negotiation and management, regulatory and compliance issues, and technology management and commercialization activities administered through the ORSP. When the approval or guidance of other university offices is required, such as the Accounting Office or the Depart­ment of Human Resources, this manual identifies the issues and directs you to the appropriate office. 

The ORSP staff welcomes your suggestions for additional information or materials for the manual and the ORSP website.