UM Call for Internal Pre-proposals for NSF Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Program

Pre-proposals are due to UM ORSP by Nov. 15, 2012 for this limited funding opportunity to acquire or develop shared scientific and engineering instruments for research and research training. This program seeks to improve the quality and expand the scope of research and research training in science and engineering by providing shared instrumentation that fosters the integration of research and education in research-intensive learning environments. Development and acquisition of research instrumentation for shared inter- and/or intra-organizational use are encouraged, as are development efforts that leverage strengths of private sector partners to build instrument development capacity at academic institutions.

In last year’s competition, ORSP received 4 acquisition and 2 development pre-proposals. 2 of the 4 acquisition pre-proposals, and 1 of the 2 development pre-proposals, were selected and developed into full proposals to NSF; none of these resulted in awards.

Key Dates (2012-13):

Thursday, Nov. 15:       Internal pre-proposals due to
Nov. 16 – Dec. 4:         ORSP will coordinate reviews and select pre-proposals for submission
Wednesday, Dec. 5:    ORSP will announce selected pre-proposals
Dec. 6 – Jan. 15:          Investigators expand pre-proposals into full proposals
Tuesday, Jan. 15:         All proposal documents (including transmittal sheet) sent to ORSP
January 24, 2013:        Full proposal deadline to the NSF

Funding: Up to 175 awards in the range $100,000 – $4 million.

Duration: Up to 3 years for acquisition proposals, up to 5 years for development proposals.

Cost Sharing: Required at a level of (precisely) 30% of the total cost of the project.

Limitations: UM may submit up to 3 proposals, 2 for instrumentation and 1 for development; Investigators may participate in multiple proposals.

Format: Internal pre-proposals must be completed using the UM ORSP MRI Internal Pre-proposal form attached to this announcement, which follows the format described in the solicitation. Please read the entire Solicitation.

Not Required for the internal pre-proposal: Biosketches, Cover Sheet, Data Management Plan, Conflict of Interest Statement, Other Supplemental Documentation.

For More information:

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