Regional Economic Modeling with REMI at the Social Science Research Laboratory

A resource for university offices and individual faculty projects requiring economic impact analyses of Mississippi policies and programs.

Date:            Wednesday, October 12
Time:            12:00 to 12:45 PM
Place:           Yerby Center
Speaker:      Jonathan Winburn

About the Presentation: This presentation will introduce the capabilities and resources available at the SSRL via the REMI software.  The presentation will include a demonstration of the REMI software and a discussion of the capabilities of the software for studies involving the state of the Mississippi and local and regional economies within the state.

About REMI: REMI is an economic modeling software tool designed to inform public policy decisions on the economic effects of policy changes.  The model focuses on how the impacts of economic changes in one area of the economy influence other areas of the economy in a specified geography. 

About the Social Science Research Laboratory (SSRL): The principal mission of the SSRL is to conduct rigorous social science research on issues of local, state, and national importance that affect the citizens of Mississippi.  The lab has completed studies for state and local government agencies, private business and industry, university offices, and faculty members working on grants. 

About the Speaker: Jonathan Winburn, UM Assistant Professor of Political Science and Director of the SSRL, has been a part of recent projects involving the role and impact of the University of Mississippi Medical Center on the state’s economy. 

If You Plan to Attend: If you plan to attend and would like a box lunch, please e-mail by Monday, Oct. 3, so that we can order enough food. 

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