Funding Opp: NASA EPSCoR




DUE DATE for Submission of Pre-Proposals:  March 19, 2012

Pre-Proposals must be submitted to the Mississippi Research Consortium (MRC) through institutional research offices (University of Mississippi, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs)

We have recently learned that NASA EPSCoR intends to issue a Request for Proposals for FY 2012.  The Mississippi jurisdiction will be limited to two (2) proposals only.  In order to allow ample time for competitive selection and proposal preparation, the MS Space Grant Consortium is putting forth this advance call for single page, “White Paper Pre-Proposals” for the 2012 NASA EPSCoR Solicitation.

Although the timeline for preparation of the full proposals, the dollar amount for which individual PIs may apply, and the cost share requirements are not known definitively for the 2012 Solicitation, we anticipate these will be similar to those of 2011.  As well, 2012 NASA Program priorities may differ; however, they usually align with the research priorities for each of the Mission Directorates.

FOR REFERENCE ONLY:  Below is the 2011 NASA link for full details of last year’s Solicitation.  This is for reference only.  Previous announcements allowed each proposal to request up to $750,000 for the three-year grant period ($250,000 per year).   The cost share requirement was at least 50% of the requested NASA funds.{8E5145AE-B624-1BB5-7FA6-E306B6609E66}&path=open

When the 2012 RFP becomes available, we will distribute broadly. At such time, this Request for Pre-Proposals may be revised to reflect any new information.


Please submit your white paper to


For more information, contact:

Dr. Peter Sukanek, Director
NASA / Mississippi Space Grant Consortium
Phone:  662-915-7023