4.4 - Chemical, Radiation, or Hazardous Materials Spill


Contamination of the environment within an animal facility is reported by the AR staff member who observes or discovers the problem. In an acute emergency, any staff member at the scene must warn co-workers, evacuate to a safe location, and notify the Hazardous Materials Response Team (915-5433) and the Supervisor or Section Head. If AR is notified of a contamination in adjacent space, we will follow instructions from the appropriate Safety Office. Section Chiefs and the Director are responsible for communicating the specific instructions to their staff members.

  1. Animal health checks: Animal health checks and treatments resume after the all-clear is declared by the Hazardous Materials Response Team. Animals which may have been exposed to any hazardous agents are evaluated for health and research usefulness by the veterinarian.
  2. Food and water supplies: Food or water which is exposed to hazardous agents is discarded. It is replaced with supplies from other facilities or new supplies ordered for the specific facility.
  3. Sanitation: Normal sanitation resumes after the all-clear is announced by the Hazardous Materials Response Team. Facilities and equipment which have been exposed to hazardous agents may require special handling as determined by the appropriate Safety Office.
  4. Environmental support: Environmental changes created by or necessitated by the emergency (such as cutting off supply air or altering air-pressure differentials) should be corrected as soon as the hazard is over.
  5. Personnel: AR personnel leave the area as soon as an incident occurs (see Emergency Evacuation in Section 3). Personnel return only after an all-clear is received from the responsible safety office.