4.2 - Bomb Threat or Bombing


If a bomb threat is received by AR, the call should be immediately reported to the University Police. The University Police and Security will determine what action should be taken in the event of a bomb threat (evacuation of building, etc.). AR Supervisors of personnel working in the affected building should be notified and placed on stand-by alert for further instructions. If facilities are evacuated, AR personnel should meet at the designated regrouping area: the porch at Environmental Safety. In the event of an actual bombing, animal issues will be handled as under Section 4.6 Fire.

  1. Animal health checks and health maintenance: All animals will be checked as soon as access to the facility is permitted by the fire and police safety personnel.
  2. Food and water supplies: Food and water should not be a problem for the short term while the threat is being evaluated.
  3. Sanitation: If a bombing or a bomb threat occurs during normal working hours, all employees must vacate the facilities immediately and report to a predetermined place and wait for further instructions. If a bombing occurs after regular operating hours an attempt will be made to notify all employees to report to work. The facility Director (or designee) and veterinarian on call will be notified of any bombing and report to assess any resulting damage.
  4. Environmental support: Environmental support should not be affected by a bomb threat. If utilities are lost or facilities are searched by individuals who are not familiar with animal care systems, AR will advise those in charge of precautions to be taken, if possible, while these conditions persist. For handling effects of a bombing or other explosion, see the specific section: 4.4 - Chemical Radiation/HazMat Spill; 4.5 - Electrical Power Outage; 4.6 - Fire; 4.7 - Flood; 4.11 - Temperature Problems; 4.13 - Water Supply Interruption.
  5. Personnel: Personnel must follow instructions from authorities to evacuate buildings where bomb threats have been received. Supervisors are responsible to communicate these orders to their staff members involved. Personnel will not re-enter buildings until the all-clear is officially announced by the authorities.