4 - Accidental Injuries


General Injuries/Accidents:

All injuries and/or health related incidents should be reported immediately to the employee’s/student’s supervisor.

Animal Bites:

Employees/students should report animal bites to their supervisor immediately and scrub the wound well with soap and water. Necessary medical attention should be sought and Student/Employee Health Service should be consulted. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to follow up on the injured person’s status at weekly intervals for one month.

Scratches (other species):

Scratches from rats, rabbits, and dirty caging have serious potential for infection. The scratch should be scrubbed thoroughly with soap and water (betadine solution) and the incident immediately reported to the supervisor.

Needle Sticks:

All needle stick injuries will be immediately reported to the supervisor. The site of injury should be scrubbed thoroughly with soap and water. The supervisor will ascertain the substance associated with the needle stick or autoinoculation. Student/Employee Health Service will be consulted for the course of action and Enviromental Health and Safety should be notifed.