Controlled Substances Registration

Step 1:  

Fill out the Controlled Substance Information and Authorized User List form and email to or fax to *5480 with a copy of the laboratory supervisor's DEA license.  If a DEA license needs to be obtained, follow steps 2 and 3 below.  Please DO NOT return this information through campus mail.  If you do not have access to a fax or scanner, call *5433 and they will schedule a representative to pick up your form(s).

Step 2:

Fill out the Application for Registration to Handle Controlled Substances form with the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy and send to them with the $50 fee.  Include your name after 'University of Mississippi,' your department, and type your name, email, phone, and fax.  Then print and sign the form and send to the address on the top with your fee.

Step 3:

Register with the DEA by submitting a new Application for Registration Under Controlled Substance Act of 1970.  Select the form for researchers and follow the instructions to register.  

Step 4:

Renew your registrations.  Both the State and Federal Agency responsible for controlled substance registration send notices via the U.S. Postal Service prior to expiration of registrations. Do not let your registrations expire.


Contact with any questions related to UM's policy of research laboratory registration for use of controlled substances.  POLICY COMING SOON!