Call for UM Technology & Policy Expertise Related to the Use of Electromagnetic Spectrum

In anticipation of joining a consortium to compete for federal grants and contracts addressing the increasing national demand for the use of electromagnetic spectrum, the UM Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is inventorying UM experience, expertise and/or interest in technologies, experimentation, and/or policy development related to the use of spectrum(s).

If you have interest, experience, or expertise applicable to this area, please e-mail Jason Hale a ½ to 1 page summary of your current research efforts, level of interest, and/or potentially applicable expertise. In addition, please complete a Doodle Poll indicating your availability to meet with other UM stakeholders this coming Thursday, Friday, or Monday (August 14, 15, or 18).

The envisioned collaboration between the Government and Industry focuses on four major activities: 

  • maturing technologies that assist in improved electromagnetic spectrum awareness, sharing, and use
  • experimentation to better inform the optimal allocation of those technologies for both public and private objectives
  • demonstration of new technologies to increase trust among spectrum stakeholders
  • policy development to ensure technologies don't outpace the appropriate guidance for their best use
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