NSF Innovations in Graduate Education 2024

Solicitation of Notices of Intent to Lead or Participate in an NSF Innovations in Graduate Research (IGR) proposal in 2024

UM ORSP Research Development (RD) seeks notice of intent by March 11 from PI’s interested in leading (as PI of a UM proposal) or collaborating on (as co-PI on a non-UM proposal) in April 2024 to the NSF Innovations in Graduate Education (IGR) program[1].

This is a limited submission funding opportunity in which UM may participate in only 2 proposals as a lead or collaborating institution per competition.

If more than proposal idea (NOI) is received, priority consideration for limited slots will be given to proposals where UM is the lead. If more than two viable notices of intent[2] are received, a brief competition may be staged to award the slots, in keeping with the ORSP standard procedure for limited submissions[3], with priority consideration given proposals where UM will be the lead.

Instructions for Notice of Intent

Submit via the InfoReady Review portal[4] competition “NSF IGR 2024 Notice of Intent.” In the the portal interface you will also be asked:

  • whether your role will be PI of a UM-lead proposal, or Co-PI of a non-UM proposal
  • whether (and which) other institutions will be collaborating on the proposal
  • the names of any other proposed collaborators at UM or elsewhere
  • whether this will be a Track 1 or Track 2 proposal

If you would be the PI on a UM-led proposal, also prepare and upload a project summary according to the instructions in the solicitation and the NSF PAPPG. If you will not be the lead, upload a one-page or less statement telling us what you know about the proposal, including whether the lead institution has already selected this concept for submission.

If you have questions about this request for notice of intent, please reach out to Jason Hale or email orspresdev@olemiss.edu.

Note: This is an annual competition. Individuals interested in applying in 2025 are encouraged to go ahead and begin thinking about putting together a proposal concept and team to be ready for next year’s competition. Please let ORSP RD know how we can assist in that process.


“With this solicitation, the IGE program will support proposals in two tracks: Track 1: Career Preparation and Student Success Pilots and Track 2: Systemic Interventions and Policies. Under Track 1, the IGE program will continue to invite proposals to pilot, test, and validate innovative approaches to graduate education with an emphasis on career preparation and student success. Track 2 is new with a primary goal to support research on how various systemic innovations in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) graduate education impact graduate student outcomes (such as graduation rates, retention, employment, etc.).

“Leadership teams (PI/Co-PIs) for both tracks are encouraged to include experts in education research, the learning sciences, and/or evaluation, as appropriate, as well as in the principal science domain(s), as needed, to design and implement a robust and appropriate research plan.”


[2] A viable notice of intent is one with a well-formed project summary that is compliant and responsive to the solicitation, and where there is evidence that the proposed collaborators have expressed interest in collaborating.