NEH Collaborative Research 2021

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) is accepting applications for its Collaborative Research Program for 2021. The program supports groups of two or more scholars seeking to increase humanistic knowledge through convenings, research, manuscript preparation for collaborative publications, and the creation of scholarly digital projects. The collaborative work can take place within a single field of study or across disciplines. Partnerships with researchers from the natural and social sciences are encouraged, but all collaborative projects must address significant humanities research questions.

Grants are provided in four categories: 1) Planning New International Collaborations; 2) Conference; 3) Manuscript Preparation, and 4) Scholarly Digital Projects.

Applications are due December 1, 2021. Given the Thanksgiving holidays, transmittals should be submitted by November 19.  NEH program officers will review and reply to template-compliant one-page drafts that are submitted by October 7, 2021; previous NEH applicants have found such reviews helpful in strengthening their applications.

NEH will provide a new live webinar on the program at 1pm Central, Tuesday, September 21. If you miss the live webinar, it might be that you can view the slides or recording later. Last year’s webinar can be viewed now at the same site.

UM ORSP will provide an information session related to this opportunity at 3pm on Tuesday, September 28 (sign up here). The purpose of this info session will be to provide condensed and summarized overview of the funding opportunity; describe how the UM IDRUM Initiative can provide support to your efforts to explore or develop a proposal in response to this opportunity; and gauge participants’ interest in a follow-on networking session to explore on-campus collaboration opportunities related this funding program.