Coordinating Proposals Submissions through ORSP

To those submitting applications and proposals for sponsored programs at UM, this is a reminder of important responsibilities & opportunities.

A. Notify the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP)

1.     Coordinate all external proposal submissions through ORSP.
         Per University Policy (RSP.VC.100.001), proposers must coordinate through ORSP submissions of any materials
         to a (potential) external sponsor that might be considered a UM proposal, or might lead to a UM proposal,
        including (but not limited to):

  • Letters of Intent
  • Concept Papers
  • White Papers
  • Preliminary Proposals
  • Draft Proposals

If unsure whether coordination is necessary for a particular submission, please contact ORSP.

2.     Notify ORSP very early in the process—even earlier for ’complex’ proposals.
        Notify ORSP early (weeks ahead) when considering the development of a proposal.
       Very early notice (one or more months ahead) with greater detail is especially critical for complex proposals -

  • that may require significantly more institutional pre-award administrative support, or
  • that would require significantly more institutional support post-award.

         Examples of complex proposals:

  • establishing a federally recognized “center”
  • multiple collaboration with other institutions
  • international components
  • limited submission opportunities

Each situation is unique, so if in doubt whether a planned proposal is complex enough to warrant very early and detailed notification, please contact ORSP.

Generally, notifications to ORSP of intent to submit ’complex’ proposals should:

  • list the sponsor name, opportunity, and deadline;
  • include title, and short (<= 1 page) description of the proposed project;
  • list all external and internal collaborators anticipated at time of notice;
  • demonstrate that everyone in the (PI’s) reporting chain is aware of and supportive of the proposal.

B. ORSP Proposal Review Timelines

1.     One week ensures basic review.
        ORSP receipt of complete proposals five business days before the sponsor’s deadline will help ensure compliance with sponsor guidelines.
       (Material provided too late for ORSP to sufficiently review—and if necessary, request corrections to—a proposal can jeopardize its acceptance by the sponsor.)

2.     Three weeks ensures enhanced ORSP review.
         For a detailed narrative review, submit drafts of narrative documents
        (e.g., project summaries, project descriptions, specific aims statements, etc.)
         to ORSP 3 weeks before the sponsor’s deadline.

If you have questions, please contact Jason Hale ( or Mickey McLaurin (

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